Class 6


child's painting of autumn trees

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Above me, the heavens with moon and sun,
Below me, the earth firm and strong,
Behind me, an angel to guard me and guide,
Before me, the goal to which I stride,
Beside me, my loved ones, and all around
Fire and water and air abound.

Above, below; near and wide;
Behind, before, and either side :
The encompassing world lies far and nigh,
And in the centre, here stand I.

Paul King


Crystal, jewel, rock or stone,
In me is sinew, flesh and bone.
The plant unfolding stem and leaf,
In me is growth and pulsing life.
The sentient beast that roves the plain
In me is shades of joy and pain.
The sun that gives its loving light,
In me is thinking’s radiance bright

Beast and plant, earth and sun -
All the world in me is One.

Paul King     
The word of a king can slay or spare,
The word of a clown can gladden.
The word of a friend can comfort and share,
The word of a foe can sadden.
The word of God creates a world
Of firmament, land and sea;
The word of my mouth
Shapes my life,
And so creates me.

Paul King

The master paints a picture
And its greatness shineth forth;
The journeyman travels to broaden his skill
By many a winding path;
The apprentice must practise and practise
And practise undaunted still more -
But first he takes a simple broom
And sweeps the master’s floor.

Paul King



Rain, fall!
Water, flow!
Bring new life
That the plant may grow.
Soften the earth
That the root grow deep;
Moisten the air
That stem and leaf
Unfurl and unfold
In the shimmering light
And bring forth the flower
For our delight

Paul King
The tool unused lies lost in dust,
The sword unused turns dull with rust,
The path unused grows clogged with weed,
The crop untended goes to seed.
Skills unused will soon decay,
Talents wasted, fade away.

I will work with a wish and I’ll work with a will,
And the task that life brings me I’ll gladly fulfil,
And unfolding new skills, many joys shall be mine.
Away dull rust! Let me shine!

Paul King


In the waters of a pool,
Deep and green, dim and cool,
Unperturbed by swirl or swish,
Hangs a dreaming silver fish.
Thrice a-dream in waters deep,
Wrapped in fast aquatic sleep.

Then with a flip and a flash and a flay
Swift as the lightning it flickers away.

Paul King
The sails are full, the anchor hauled,
The rolling keel o’erleaps the swell,
The wheeling gulls above me call,
And wind and wave betoken well.

Storm or calm
Near or far,
Undeterred I’ll follow my star.

Paul King


Earth beneath my feet,
Thee my step doth greet.
Through the light of days
I walk upon thy ways,
Straight or curved or steep
In places high or deep.

Wisdom guide my soul,
Lead me to life’s goal;
Firmness bear me on
Till my path be done.

Earth beneath my feet,
Thee I gently greet.

Paul King 
I waken to the morning light,
I waken to the hills and seas,
I waken to the birds and beasts,
I waken to the plants and trees;
And the world of people round me moves,
Family, teachers, friends and more -
The world awaits me every morn
To know, to cherish and explore.

In the world I will seek
For the good and the true
By the thought that I think
And the deeds that I do

Paul King

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