Poems and Verses for Children

 a recitation resource for 

Waldorf Teachers

. . . but of course, anyone is welcome.


On these pages you will find poems and verses for children. They were initially intended for Waldorf class teachers, but over the years of this website's existence, it seems they have proved useful to second-language English teachers, home schoolers, and even to some grown-ups. So, to anyone looking for this type of verse: welcome.

Theme Poems 

During many years' teaching at a Steiner-Waldorf school I often needed a poem to go with the main-lesson theme of the Waldorf curriculum.   If I couldn't find one, I resorted to writing one myself.   As a result, a body of recitation material arose which I would like to make available to other teachers (or indeed anyone else) should they want it.   In addition I have included a few poems by other people—not necessarily with a main-lesson theme—which I found worked particularly well or are just plain fun.


The verses were usually written for an individual child but often had themes connected with the main lesson and so would be suitable for a whole class.   Where this is the case I have put the verse as a poem in the appropriate class.   Otherwise the verses usually try to encourage a quality such as self-confidence or courage, or just an appreciation of the beauty of the world.

Paul King

The Pages:  Where to find What

The poems are arranged as follows:

A page for classes 1, 2 and 3 (for roughly ages 6 to 9 years)

A page for classes 4 and 5 (for roughly ages 9 to 11)

A page for classes 6 and 7 (for roughly ages 11 to 13).

At the end is a Miscellaneous page with bits and bobs—a story or two, or a verse for the grown-ups.

About Paul King

I have on occasion received emails asking for some personal background, from parents whose children are performing one of the poems at school (usually in India—well done India, by the way, for this tradition!) and need to know something about the poet. (I even once received an email enquiring whether I was married . . . make of that what you will!)

So the basics are: I am from Britain but was a Waldorf class teacher for some years in Cape Town, South Africa, and for a short time in County Kildare, Ireland. I wrote the poems for my classes and for individual children. I am now retired and live in England.     Paul King


You can send me a message at: messages@straightlineandcurve.co.uk